Saturday, July 1, 2017

Introducing Nigeria Home Business Blog

I am honored to have you visit this blog. Your visit to this blog was not by accident. You either found me through a search engine, a link from one of the posts on this blog or a link from another website. Whichever option it is you wanted to learn about home business and home income opportunities in Nigeria and I must specially say welcome as you have arrived at the right medium for that.

On this blog you will receive insights, ideas and information with ways you can start, successfully run and grow a home business in Nigeria. You will learn about home business and income opportunities, where they exist and what you can do to exploit them.

But first let me introduce myself to you. I am Paul Onwueme, a Nigerian self-employed home business owner and I currently run two successful home businesses - a business plan consultancy service - you can learn more about my business plan consultancy service at my blog which can be found here: The other business I run is an after school program in Abuja. I have been running both of them since 2014 and they have generated good income for me ever since.

I once had a job at an internet marketing agency from February 2012 till February 2014 where I held various positions starting from web content producer before rising to become social media and brand manager which was the last position I held before quitting the Job.

While working there, I discovered that there were many things I could do from home that would put good money in my pocket. My research revealed over 150 ideas but I stuck to two options – the business plan and the after school program. Both of these home businesses don’t require more than 6 hours of my productive time daily. In fact there are times (during summer holidays when schools are on vacation and I have no business plan jobs) I could go for weeks without income and still be living comfortably off my savings from previous jobs I did during peak periods.  

It has made some people in my neighbourhood wonder why I seem to have more than enough but still don’t work as hard as them – in their opinion hard work means waking up early, living for work and returning late from work in the evening, feeling tired and stressed.

Even during periods when I’m at home while others have left for work, I am actually working doing thorough market research, product development and reading even though it’s right at home rather than in an office environment. All this is by the way.

To justify this kind of lifestyle I would need to earn an income that will keep me going even when there are down periods when there is little or no patronage. The secret is in how you manage your money during peak periods when your income levels could go up – doesn’t this remind you of the biblical 7 lean and 7 fat cows in Egypt?

How much do I make monthly on average to justify this kind of life? I’d rather not disclose it here but it’s a very decent amount which I know for a fact that many people working good corporate jobs would wish they could earn and I’m not exaggerating this claim. What I earn now is more than 3 times my monthly salary at my last job in 2014 and the salary we are talking about, even in 2017 is still higher than what many graduates employed in some corporate organisations take home every month.

All these Started in 2014 and I have had the good fortune of being paid good money to write business plans for people all over Nigeria and even secured a contract with a business plan consultancy in Dubai to write standard business plans and feasibility reports. My after school program has also been very rewarding. That is the much I will disclose about my income and home business experience.

Having spoken this way you might be tempted to think running a home business is a goldmine, easy to do and doesn’t involve much stress. That is not the case especially when you are just starting. You must be prepared to work, innovate, improve and deliver the kind of value that will make anyone in his right senses believe you have what he/she is looking for and will happily pay you for it. That is where the difficulty in running a home business in Nigeria lies in.

This blog will contain useful information for anyone in Nigeria who wants to learn how to make an extra income or test the viability of his business ideas. So whether you are a retiree, you are already employed, you are self-employed, unemployed, a housewife or a business person you stand to gain a lot from reading this blog.

Over the course of months I would be sharing my ideas and knowledge with you on different business ideas and opportunities you can start from home and things you can do to succeed if you are having challenges. 
Look out on this blog and you’ll be glad you did.

But let me warn you, it’s not going to be an easy journey at least for the first 6 to 12 months when your home business is taking shape and let me emphasize again that you are definitely going to work hard. Successful Home businesses are not easy to run, you have to put in time and smart effort to achieve any meaningful success. But once you home business takes shape you will be glad you persevered.

Cheers and this is wishing you a fruitful journey in your quest to reaching that home business success destination here in Nigeria.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Onwueme

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