Sunday, August 18, 2019

How to Really Make Money Online From Home in Nigeria

In this week’s making money from home article we are answering the question – what is the most realistic way to make money online if you live in Nigeria? This is necessary because of the uncountable scams and get rich quick schemes which many fraudulent people try to sell to newbies looking for legitimate ways to make online income. We must add that what we teach on this blog is not get rich quick, but there are tried and proven methods of making money from home in Nigeria which have broken them into 5 steps for the benefit of the readers.

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The 5 Steps to Really Making Money Online in Nigeria
Although breaking it down into 5 steps seems easy, there are many challenges involved in implementing these ideas step by step but with time as you become more familiar with the various topics I treat on this blog about making money from home in Nigeria, you should be equipped enough to handle them. So here goes the 5 steps to making money online in Nigeria.

Step 1: Find a Product or Service
There are many products you can sell online in Nigeria or from home for that matter, but not every product is for everybody nor is every product worth selling. I have a report which explains how to make money selling products online in Nigeria.  You have to find the right product that meets 7 factors when it comes to making money from home in Nigeria. The first factor is demand. If the product is only wanted by very few people that means you will not make enough money on the long run. It will be a source of frustration to you instead. The second factor is accessibility. Is the product very easy for the buyer to access (buy with little stress and much ease and pay with ease)? Third factor is affordability. A product that is too expensive to buy is not going to make enough sales and thus enough money. Fourthly how unique is the product? If the product is very easy to find you won’t make much sales either so when looking for what to sell online (product or service) use these 4 out of the 7 factors as your litmus test. More details of these 7 factors via my newsletter:

Step 2: Create a Website/blog for your Product or Service
This step is perhaps the second hardest part of the journey to making money online in Nigeria. The search for a good product to sell online may take you like a week or more with thorough research but designing the right website that will convert well also takes a lot of research. However these days things are becoming easier and there are website design companies in Nigeria which offer you a ready to use website at reasonable prices. There are many types of websites you can use for online business in Nigeria, so take note of this as well.

Step 3: Build and connect with your online audience 
The people who would buy what you sell online will most likely come through organic search results (google search, google adverts, facebook adverts or instagram adverts) which are usually highly targeted and designed to reach a specific market. The drawback with this method is that is more expensive as it needs a budget. On the other hand you can build a following online through your social media accounts or with an email list and reach-out from time to time sharing useful information with them to build your profile and track record before actually trying to sell them anything. This step means build a brand around your product and service and use that brand to connect with your audience.

Step 4: Have a way to receive payments
Once you start advertising your products to your audience, you now have to come up with an effective way to receive payments. There is direct bank deposit which is still very common in Nigeria and which many people will actually prefer as their mode of payment. But there are now online payment methods such as online banking, debit card payments and e-wallet processors such as e-tranzact and quick teller. When you are ready to start receiving payments it is necessary to know which methods are best payment systems for an online business in Nigeria 2020

Step 5: Promote your product or service aggressively
Please do not mistake this step with step 3. Both of them often require online adverts but the difference is the end goal. In step 3, you are creating awareness about yourself offering great value to people who need it without actually offering them a product or service to sell but in step 5, you are now trying to make sales. If you want to learn how sell your product effectively at little costs send me an email with title “How to sell a product online in Nigeria” and you will receive a short guide on how you can convince people to buy from you. The email address is:

So thanks for reading, if you are looking for ways to make money online or from home in Nigeria you can send me an email to: with title “20 ways to make money from home in Nigeria” and I will share with you well researched ways to make money from Nigeria.

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