Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to Start a Blog that Makes Money in Nigeria

How to make money blogging

You welcome to my blog that teaches Nigerians living in Nigeria how to make money online from their homes. In this week’s article, I will be sharing my knowledge on how to setup a blog that really makes money in Nigeria. There are hundreds of people who think making money with a blog in Nigeria is a waste of time or that it doesn’t work, I have proven wrong with my own example – my business plan blog and my marketing blog. Today I will show you a simple 5 step process for making money with a blog from home in Nigeria.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee success for anyone who uses this method because most people fail to act or pick the right plan to achieve their goals. This is what I have done that has earned me money in the past and that is what I am sharing with you in this blog post.

The 5 Steps to Starting a Money Making Blog in Nigeria
In my humble case, these where the steps I followed;

Pick a Topic for your Blog
Before you start blogging about anything, you must first understand who you are writing for. A blog topic is supposed to identify and address a particular audience and all the topics on that blog should be related to the main idea or topic of the blog. 

Read this article to discover different types of websites that make money in Nigeria so you at least have an idea what I mean by picking a topic for your blog. There are many profitable blog topics in Nigeria. If you are interested in finding out more, send me an email:

Select A Reliable Blogging Service
The next step after finding out what you want to blog about is to pick a reliable webhosting service which will enable you key into blogging for money from home in Nigeria and that is not a simple process because there are hundreds of website services in Nigeria and the choice of which one to use can be very difficult especially if you are new to blogging or website hosting. 

But I will recommend  because I have used them for several blogs and their customer service is very good. As a beginner I will recommend shared webhosting with wordpress.

Setup and Design Your Blog
The next step after buying webhosting is to setup and design your blog. The breakdown on what to do is available with once you signup. A very good blog must have three characteristics namely; easy to navigate, mobile friendly and loads fast. Checkout this blog as a very good example of a well setup and designed blog:

It is easy for people who visit the blog to find their way around it, another characteristic feature is that you can view it conveniently on mobile devices without stress and the pages of this blog load very fast. With the wordpress setup you can easily design your blog even if you have no website design training. More details on this contact me by email:

Start building Your Audience
Once you have setup your blog, it’s now time to start building your audience. Building your audience only comes once you starting posting articles on your blog. These articles must be related to your blog’s central topic and the people you want to visit that blog are those interested in what you write about. People who visit your blog are called visitors and every visit and action taking during a visit is called web traffic. 

Some actions that can be taken by people who visit your blog is to read more than one webpage, comment on your blog post, like and share etc. There are two ways to go about attracting visitors and web traffic to your blog and these are; build it optimally for search engine users or direct visitors from social media platforms to your blog.

Monetize your Blog
The final step to making money with your blog is to now monetize it after you start receiving visitors and web traffic. There are 12 ways to monetize a blog but I will only mention 3 in this blog post. 

The first and most reliable method (because it earns more money than other methods) is to sell your own product or service. There are two types or products you can sell with a blog; a tangible product like women’s hair or an intangible product like an ebook. Also you can sell a service just as I have done making money blogging with business plan writing in the past. 

The second method I will recommend it to promote another person’s product or service and earn a commission from doing so. This is called affiliate marketing and it is a very profitable way to make money online in Nigeria. 

Finally, there is contextual adverts from companies like google which have an advertising program called adsense. I have made over 500,000 naira in 4 years from adsense revenue through my business plan blog and while this might not be a lot of money but it is passive and you can combine all these three methods.

Thanks for reading this blog post and if you want to start making money online here in Nigeria with a blog? Send me an email: or call: 0803 206 4106

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