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5 Nigerian Home Businesses That Can Pay You in US dollars

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Is it possible to get paid in US dollars as a Nigerian living and working in Nigeria? It is very possible if you can create and sell your own products to an overseas market or if you can create an online business that will connect foreign buyers with sellers or help other people or companies based abroad to sell their products to their target market. Below are 5 online businesses you can start from home in Nigeria that can make this happen. But be prepared to work hard. They are very demanding and require patience before the results start coming in.

Niche Blogging
This is one of the simplest online businesses you can start and run successfully in Nigeria. It works like this. Pick a topic, write engaging posts on this topic, build your online following and start earning money from adsense or affiliate marketing or even selling your own products. I have a free report on this topic send email with title "niche blogging setup guide" to: 

I will share examples of Niche blogs that make money here in Nigeria and show you how to find profitable niche ideas to blog about. How you get paid in US dollars: It depends on how you monetize the blog. With google adsense you are paid by checks sent to you via mail or electronic funds transfer. If you are making money through product sales you can transfer money by bank withdrawal from your online wallet.

Affiliate Marketing
This is similar to niche blogging except that you don't necessarily need a blog to do affiliate marketing. With a facebook page or social media page you can build considerable influence with your online audience and refer them with links that point to your affiliate offer. If you are interested in a short guide on how to get started in affiliate marketing send me an email with this title "affiliate setup guide" to: and I will send it to you. Please use the title or else I won't know you want it. How to get paid in US dollars: receive payments by checks

Get Paid US Dollars with Ebook Sales
I have a friend who I play chess with regularly. He makes a living writing and publishing ebooks online. He specializes in non-fiction and earns over $500 a month from 3 ebooks he has published so far. Best of all he still has plans to write and publish more books which would increase his monthly take home. 

How to get paid in US dollars: receive payments by checks

Software and App Sales
You can sell software that will help people achieve their business goals online. The list of software is huge but there are software you should avoid and others that may be profitable to sell but the competition is very stiff. Examples of profitable software to sell include wordpress plugins or email funnels. You could also sell subscription services such as; web hosting, landing pages or turnkey website solutions. 

How you get paid in dollars: if you have an overseas bank account you could receive money through paypal or credit card payments. Alternatively, if you are an affiliate of software and APP vendors you could also get paid electronically via 2checkout or by check payments.

Selling Online Courses
If you have an exceptional skill, teach it online with videos or slides using a course outline. This means plenty of research and hard work at the onset but eventually you will start making money if you market your course properly. There are websites that can help out such as or your own website but you must understand digital marketing if you want to do this on your own. 

How you get paid in dollars: if you have an overseas bank account you could receive money through paypal or credit card payments.

These are very simple online/home-based businesses you can start in Nigeria and could earn US dollar payments via affiliate checks or other electronic payment systems. To learn more on how to setup an online business in Nigeria email me:

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