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10 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in Nigeria

If you are badly in need of cash and want to make money very fast from online sources in Nigeria in a legitimate way and not to get rich quick without working or doing something useful to other people then this blog post is for you, otherwise it clearly is not meant for you.

This is not a get rich quick blog post, when I say make fast money online in Nigeria, I actually mean getting paid in a very short time (less than a week). The amount of money you make online could be little, moderate or much. It is really up to you.

What I am doing in this post is to show you 10 different ways you can get paid money fast using online medium in Nigeria. The list is not exhaustive (there may be many others) but this is what I am willing and able to share with you today.

10 Ways to Make Money Fast Online in Nigeria
Before you can start making money online and fast in Nigeria you must have one of or both of these;
  •     Marketable skill (that can solve problems for other people) or
  •         A unique but quality product to sell

If you have neither of these then you are wasting your time – either learn one of the skills that people are willing to pay you money for or look for quality products you can sell online in Nigeria.

This shortlist will help you when you are searching for specific ideas to make money online in Nigeria. They simplify the search process for you, all you have to do is look inwards, ask and answer questions useful for each of these ways to make fast money online in Nigeria.  

#1 Sell Your Personal Stuff Online
If you need cash very fast and you have something valuable to sell. Valuable things you can sell online include; mobile phones, shoes, hand bags, wig, women’s clothes, laptops, etc. You can sell them off online on some popular websites like; or There other online sources where you can sell off your personal items such as;, and

#2 Connect Buyers with Sellers
There are people who have products they want to sell but can’t find buyers. There are also buyers looking for deals and discounts. You can make money buy becoming a middleman. Just negotiate a commission with a seller or anyone you know wants to sell products online such as; Cars, houses, land, Overseas University Admission, Affiliate Marketing and a list of other lucrative products to sell online in Nigeria

#3 Sell your skills and expertise Online
There are things you can do for people that very few people have the skills or expertise in. can you teach very difficult courses that students are failing? Can you teach people how to plan weddings? Can you teach people how to write novels or books? It’s not limited to teaching, there are other skills like, auto repairs, car spraying, cake making, graphics design, marketing, martial arts etc that you can either do on someone’s behalf so they can pay you for it or teach kids at home through private home lessons and get paid by their parents. You can find customers online through social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram) or through your own blog/website.

#4 Quickly build and monetize your Audience
There are things you can share online such as tools, information or knowledge with people who will find them useful. Some people want to learn a skill but don’t time to enroll into a course or can’t afford it. You can make money by finding these people online and offer them useful information related to what you want to sell and then gradually introduce the service or product you always wanted to sell them. This method is an advanced strategy and requires deep knowledge of content marketing and affiliate marketing. I can teach you how to use this method email me:  

#5 Offer an Online based Freelance Service
You can start earning US dollars online from home in Nigeria with this method. This happens because there are small businesses in the US, Canada, Europe etc that need specialized services but can’t afford them from their own country’s experts so they usually go online to some freelance marketplaces were people with specific skills can offer their skills and bid for jobs. For instance, there are software developers, teachers, writers, graphics designers, web designers etc selling their services online on freelance platforms like, or some even use their own websites and social media pages to promote their work even here in Nigeria. In Nigeria, local businesses need graphics and website designers and you can make money fast and even a lot of money for yourself doing this.  

#6 Offer Buyers attractive discounts
If you know anybody or shop doing clearance sales and they are offering let’s say 70% discount, you can offer the same products online at 30% discount to customers. If the product is handbags that normally sells for 9,000 naira but the seller is willing to give them away for 2,500 naira you can make money by offering the same product for 5,000 naira online. There are many shops with products they want to clear from their store and sometimes offer massive discounts. Your job is to contact shops and businesses around you and ask them to inform you when next they have clearance sales.

#7 Sell Information Online
I have sold reports and ebooks online in the past. All I did was to find out and search for information people really needed, then I prepared a report/ebook (as the case may be), then advertise it online to the people searching for this information, then direct them to a sales page and get paid after they purchase the report. In as little as a week you can start making money with this method.

#8 Rent out your Assets
Do you own a car or open space you are not using? Then rent it out to people who need the same thing you own but lack money to buy it. Sometimes the people may have the money to buy it but it could be something they use only once in a while or a lifetime. It can vary from parking space for their cars, a spare room in your house, table and chair covers for event venues, projectors for seminars, bus, van or car, mobile toilets, music equipment etc.

#9 Football Betting
This is very popular and I don’t think I need to say much on this. There is a taxi driver I know who made 1.2 million naira from sports betting with 100 naira. I am not saying you will make this amount or any amount at all, just that you can start making money fast by staking money on the outcomes/results of football games on betting websites like; and

#10 Do and Sell a Whatsapp Webinar
A webinar is a seminar you host online using a video sharing website such as Youtube or Vimeo. The same can also happen on Whatsapp. You can create a seminar and record it with your phone or digital camera and then market it online to people who will value it. Whether they are in Lagos or Jos while you are in Abuja doesn’t matter, as long as they have whatsapp enabled phone you can sell your webinar to them and make money fast online in Nigeria.

Are you interested and serious about making money online in Nigeria? Then send me an email to learn how to start making online in Nigeria to:

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