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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria working with Freelance Websites

In this article I will be sharing my little experience with making money online in Nigeria with freelance websites. I used to work on writing business oriented articles and business plans before I decided to move on to setup my business plan blog which I still run till date at Nigerian Business Plan Writer. My first job on fetched me $157 and I have been making money since 2014 with my own blog freelancing thereby bypassing the freelance marketplace but you still have to start with freelance websites as a newbie.

The first place to start with making money online in Nigeria as far as I am concerned is with freelance websites such as;, or They will enable you build your brand and bid for jobs and the best part, offer you ways to receive payment here in Nigeria but I personally will recommend because you will receive your money straight into your local bank account.

You can only get started with making money online with freelancing in Nigeria if you have marketable skills. You will also need to build your online brand, know how to bid for jobs, have a way to collect payment and repeat this process over and over again. It all starts with having a skill people are willing to pay money for.
Some of the marketable skills which can fetch you good money on freelance websites include;
  •           Writing
  •         Graphics Design
  •         Website Design
  •         Web development
  •         Coding
  •         Digital Marketing

But it is not easy to Making money on freelance websites here in Nigeria is not easy when you are starting out. You have to overcome the issue of trust – in the sense that people want to be sure you can actually do the job. The trust issue is not necessarily related to you being fraudulent.  That can only happen when you have a track record of completed jobs and positive reviews from employers who have engaged your services in the past.

6 Steps to Making Money Online in Nigeria with Freelance Websites

All of this tutorial will only make sense if you have a skill in the first place. If you lack a marketable skill to use of freelance websites then I suggest you learn one. There are websites such as or (for aspiring freelance writers) which will offer you free tips and trainings on how to start out with a freelance skill. Once you have a marketable skill then you can follow these steps to start making money as a freelancer in Nigeria.

Step #1 Join a Freelance Marketplace
I personally will recommend not joining more than one freelance website at a time. Like I said earlier my personal preference is although getting approved is difficult but they offer better incentives for freelancers than the other freelance websites I know of. But the website you choose to join is entirely up to you. Still do some more research of your own to decide which one will serve you best.

Step #2 Build your Profile
Before anyone can hire you for a job, they will need to see something about you that will make them interested in chatting you up. That thing must be a profile which will tell them what you are good at, how you can help them achieve their goals and even your rates. It must be very persuasive but also brief and should position you as an expert in that area. It makes sense to also offer some discount for first time employers who work with you to entice them to try you. But the best way to build your profile is to deliver very well on jobs given to you.

Step #3 Build a portfolio of sample Jobs
Sometimes the employers would ask for sample jobs to know how qualified and prepared you are to take up the job. That would mean having up to 10 sample jobs ready in your portfolio. You can even attach these sample jobs to your profile for employers to view. This can serve as advertisement for your work in a very competitive freelance marketplace.

Step #4 Start bidding for Jobs
Once you have some sample jobs prepared and added to your profile, you can now start bidding for jobs. This is usually the hardest part of the money making process because it will take a lot out of employers to try out a freelancer without any reviews on the website. Hiring you for the job may prove risky to many employers so they would rather not waste their time trying you out but don’t give up. It took me two months to land my first gig on freelancer and when I discovered I could source for clients outside the marketplace on my own then I started blogging to source for clients instead.

Step #5 Promote your work on Social Media and Related Blogs
Another way to make money as a freelancer is to use social media and blogs to promote your work. Let’s say you are into graphics design, there are social media websites that enable users to share pictures and graphical images such as pinterest and twitter. You can actually promote your work on these social media platforms to attract potential clients. Linkedin is another fantastic place to promote your freelance work. Then try guest blogging on popular but related blogs (blogs about the skill that you are into) to share your work to an online audience.

Step #6 Get Paid after delivering on Job
The final part of the freelance online money making process which will lead to you getting paid in naira. There are different options available. One is to be paid through payoneer (you can withdraw it in Nigeria with your Mastercard). Another option is through Bank Checks. This second method involves you paying the check into your domiciliary account and cashing it out after 10 working days. I did this several times when I was still making good money with google adsense. The third option and this is more common with is to get paid straight into your naira savings account. Once you reach the threshold amount you can request for payment and it will reflect straight to your bank account in less than 5 working days.

Are you serious about making money online in Nigeria and want to take action that will help you achieve your goal? Send me an email: to get started

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