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Welcome to make-money-online.com.ng. My name is Paul Onwueme and I have been self-employed since February 2014 working for myself and earning various incomes from mostly online sources after quitting my job as a social media and brand manager for an internet marketing agency based in Maitama, Abuja.
I started this blog to teach Nigerians living in Nigeria how to make money online using very basic strategies and tasks which would direct their efforts into making serious money online from the comfort of their homes.

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How my Online Money making venture started
In 2009, while in Lagos in my final year at Yaba College of Technology I met a dude through the now defunct nairalist.com who set up a website targeting business travel visitors to Nigeria. We met at the Silverbird Galleria in Victoria Island for a two hour training session on search engine optimization (SEO) – a way to rank websites on google search results on the first page. Weeks later I was writing articles for the website that would rank in top 3 positions on google search results and this was just the beginning. Shortly after, I setup my blog: www.lagosbusinesses.blogspot.com which metamorphosed from a business journal into the leading online blog for business plans in Nigeria between 2013 and 2015.

The blog still ranks well for some search results for business plan writers in Nigeria even though my last post was in May, 2019. In 2010, I was posted to serve in Kogi State for NYSC and chose to relocate the following year in August 2011 to Abuja after concluding the mandatory program. I got a job in February 2012 as a web content producer/digital marketer working with a small company that operated a city guide business directory called abujafood.com (the company is also now defunct). I grew the social media (twitter) following from less than 400 to over 3,400 followers in 14 months but that was not the landmark achievement - twitter soon became the de facto lead generator for the company earning most of its income through tweets and emails. Then it hit me. My salary at the time was 65,000 naira plus 15,000 naira for internet subscription and phone calls (80,000 naira gross income) but I was making more than twice that amount writing business plans and teaching private chess lessons and running an after school club.

I no longer needed a job as I could make a full time income online using social media and SEO. This was after I created my second blog: www.abuja-search.com.ng which also fetched me a lot of residual income from google adsense, contract fees and income for freelance marketing jobs. I have successfully sold martial arts classes and private chess lessons to Abuja residents using this blog. So I resigned my appointment in February 2014 to focus on business plan writing, SEO for small businesses and Chess in Schools which are still my main sources of income today.

How I make Money Online in Nigeria Today
In case you are new to making money online in Nigeria there are close to 50 ways I know of that anyone who is serious and willing to work can use to make money online and I have successfully made money online since 2014 through several websites but I will share only three with you (they are free blogs by the way). The first blog (Nigerian Business Plan Writer) has fetched me some serious cash in 4 years (2014 to 2018) not including 2019 and the best part I practically don’t do any social media postings/promotions or adverts. I have a free report on how to make money online in Nigeria “20 ways to make money online in Nigeria”. The other blog has earned me contracts with 2 hotels, a marketing arrangement with a security doors merchant, a business partnership with an events planner plus additional income from occasional jobs I did for individual clients. I don’t want to mention the amount but I have built a small bungalow and own some income generating assets as a result of investing the money I made from these two blogs.
-         Nigerian Business Plan Writer: www.lagosbusinesses.blogspot.com  
-         Abuja’s Marketing Blog: www.abuja-search.com.ng

I also make money with Niche Websites
Actually I have made money with other websites (I got them with paid hosting and domain registration unlike these two examples) which I have not included here but I just want to show you that making money online is not difficult and is very inexpensive to start if you know what you are doing. These websites are called Niche Websites because they are designed to target a specific market and there are a few money making ideas that go along with niche websites which I am only to eager to share with you once you join my mailing list. Send me an email: nigeriahomebusiness@gmail.com or send me an SMS or call: 0803 206 4106. Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to hear from you soon.

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