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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria working with Freelance Websites

In this article I will be sharing my little experience with making money online in Nigeria with freelance websites. I used to work on writing business oriented articles and business plans before I decided to move on to setup my business plan blog which I still run till date at Nigerian Business Plan Writer. My first job on fetched me $157 and I have been making money since 2014 with my own blog freelancing thereby bypassing the freelance marketplace but you still have to start with freelance websites as a newbie.

The first place to start with making money online in Nigeria as far as I am concerned is with freelance websites such as;, or They will enable you build your brand and bid for jobs and the best part, offer you ways to receive payment here in Nigeria but I personally will recommend because you will receive your money straight into your local bank account.

You can only get started with making money online with freelancing in Nigeria if you have marketable skills. You will also need to build your online brand, know how to bid for jobs, have a way to collect payment and repeat this process over and over again. It all starts with having a skill people are willing to pay money for.
Some of the marketable skills which can fetch you good money on freelance websites include;
  •           Writing
  •         Graphics Design
  •         Website Design
  •         Web development
  •         Coding
  •         Digital Marketing

But it is not easy to Making money on freelance websites here in Nigeria is not easy when you are starting out. You have to overcome the issue of trust – in the sense that people want to be sure you can actually do the job. The trust issue is not necessarily related to you being fraudulent.  That can only happen when you have a track record of completed jobs and positive reviews from employers who have engaged your services in the past.

6 Steps to Making Money Online in Nigeria with Freelance Websites

All of this tutorial will only make sense if you have a skill in the first place. If you lack a marketable skill to use of freelance websites then I suggest you learn one. There are websites such as or (for aspiring freelance writers) which will offer you free tips and trainings on how to start out with a freelance skill. Once you have a marketable skill then you can follow these steps to start making money as a freelancer in Nigeria.

Step #1 Join a Freelance Marketplace
I personally will recommend not joining more than one freelance website at a time. Like I said earlier my personal preference is although getting approved is difficult but they offer better incentives for freelancers than the other freelance websites I know of. But the website you choose to join is entirely up to you. Still do some more research of your own to decide which one will serve you best.

Step #2 Build your Profile
Before anyone can hire you for a job, they will need to see something about you that will make them interested in chatting you up. That thing must be a profile which will tell them what you are good at, how you can help them achieve their goals and even your rates. It must be very persuasive but also brief and should position you as an expert in that area. It makes sense to also offer some discount for first time employers who work with you to entice them to try you. But the best way to build your profile is to deliver very well on jobs given to you.

Step #3 Build a portfolio of sample Jobs
Sometimes the employers would ask for sample jobs to know how qualified and prepared you are to take up the job. That would mean having up to 10 sample jobs ready in your portfolio. You can even attach these sample jobs to your profile for employers to view. This can serve as advertisement for your work in a very competitive freelance marketplace.

Step #4 Start bidding for Jobs
Once you have some sample jobs prepared and added to your profile, you can now start bidding for jobs. This is usually the hardest part of the money making process because it will take a lot out of employers to try out a freelancer without any reviews on the website. Hiring you for the job may prove risky to many employers so they would rather not waste their time trying you out but don’t give up. It took me two months to land my first gig on freelancer and when I discovered I could source for clients outside the marketplace on my own then I started blogging to source for clients instead.

Step #5 Promote your work on Social Media and Related Blogs
Another way to make money as a freelancer is to use social media and blogs to promote your work. Let’s say you are into graphics design, there are social media websites that enable users to share pictures and graphical images such as pinterest and twitter. You can actually promote your work on these social media platforms to attract potential clients. Linkedin is another fantastic place to promote your freelance work. Then try guest blogging on popular but related blogs (blogs about the skill that you are into) to share your work to an online audience.

Step #6 Get Paid after delivering on Job
The final part of the freelance online money making process which will lead to you getting paid in naira. There are different options available. One is to be paid through payoneer (you can withdraw it in Nigeria with your Mastercard). Another option is through Bank Checks. This second method involves you paying the check into your domiciliary account and cashing it out after 10 working days. I did this several times when I was still making good money with google adsense. The third option and this is more common with is to get paid straight into your naira savings account. Once you reach the threshold amount you can request for payment and it will reflect straight to your bank account in less than 5 working days.

Are you serious about making money online in Nigeria and want to take action that will help you achieve your goal? Send me an email: to get started

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10 Ways to Make Fast Money Online in Nigeria

If you are badly in need of cash and want to make money very fast from online sources in Nigeria in a legitimate way and not to get rich quick without working or doing something useful to other people then this blog post is for you, otherwise it clearly is not meant for you.

This is not a get rich quick blog post, when I say make fast money online in Nigeria, I actually mean getting paid in a very short time (less than a week). The amount of money you make online could be little, moderate or much. It is really up to you.

What I am doing in this post is to show you 10 different ways you can get paid money fast using online medium in Nigeria. The list is not exhaustive (there may be many others) but this is what I am willing and able to share with you today.

10 Ways to Make Money Fast Online in Nigeria
Before you can start making money online and fast in Nigeria you must have one of or both of these;
  •     Marketable skill (that can solve problems for other people) or
  •         A unique but quality product to sell

If you have neither of these then you are wasting your time – either learn one of the skills that people are willing to pay you money for or look for quality products you can sell online in Nigeria.

This shortlist will help you when you are searching for specific ideas to make money online in Nigeria. They simplify the search process for you, all you have to do is look inwards, ask and answer questions useful for each of these ways to make fast money online in Nigeria.  

#1 Sell Your Personal Stuff Online
If you need cash very fast and you have something valuable to sell. Valuable things you can sell online include; mobile phones, shoes, hand bags, wig, women’s clothes, laptops, etc. You can sell them off online on some popular websites like; or There other online sources where you can sell off your personal items such as;, and

#2 Connect Buyers with Sellers
There are people who have products they want to sell but can’t find buyers. There are also buyers looking for deals and discounts. You can make money buy becoming a middleman. Just negotiate a commission with a seller or anyone you know wants to sell products online such as; Cars, houses, land, Overseas University Admission, Affiliate Marketing and a list of other lucrative products to sell online in Nigeria

#3 Sell your skills and expertise Online
There are things you can do for people that very few people have the skills or expertise in. can you teach very difficult courses that students are failing? Can you teach people how to plan weddings? Can you teach people how to write novels or books? It’s not limited to teaching, there are other skills like, auto repairs, car spraying, cake making, graphics design, marketing, martial arts etc that you can either do on someone’s behalf so they can pay you for it or teach kids at home through private home lessons and get paid by their parents. You can find customers online through social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram) or through your own blog/website.

#4 Quickly build and monetize your Audience
There are things you can share online such as tools, information or knowledge with people who will find them useful. Some people want to learn a skill but don’t time to enroll into a course or can’t afford it. You can make money by finding these people online and offer them useful information related to what you want to sell and then gradually introduce the service or product you always wanted to sell them. This method is an advanced strategy and requires deep knowledge of content marketing and affiliate marketing. I can teach you how to use this method email me:  

#5 Offer an Online based Freelance Service
You can start earning US dollars online from home in Nigeria with this method. This happens because there are small businesses in the US, Canada, Europe etc that need specialized services but can’t afford them from their own country’s experts so they usually go online to some freelance marketplaces were people with specific skills can offer their skills and bid for jobs. For instance, there are software developers, teachers, writers, graphics designers, web designers etc selling their services online on freelance platforms like, or some even use their own websites and social media pages to promote their work even here in Nigeria. In Nigeria, local businesses need graphics and website designers and you can make money fast and even a lot of money for yourself doing this.  

#6 Offer Buyers attractive discounts
If you know anybody or shop doing clearance sales and they are offering let’s say 70% discount, you can offer the same products online at 30% discount to customers. If the product is handbags that normally sells for 9,000 naira but the seller is willing to give them away for 2,500 naira you can make money by offering the same product for 5,000 naira online. There are many shops with products they want to clear from their store and sometimes offer massive discounts. Your job is to contact shops and businesses around you and ask them to inform you when next they have clearance sales.

#7 Sell Information Online
I have sold reports and ebooks online in the past. All I did was to find out and search for information people really needed, then I prepared a report/ebook (as the case may be), then advertise it online to the people searching for this information, then direct them to a sales page and get paid after they purchase the report. In as little as a week you can start making money with this method.

#8 Rent out your Assets
Do you own a car or open space you are not using? Then rent it out to people who need the same thing you own but lack money to buy it. Sometimes the people may have the money to buy it but it could be something they use only once in a while or a lifetime. It can vary from parking space for their cars, a spare room in your house, table and chair covers for event venues, projectors for seminars, bus, van or car, mobile toilets, music equipment etc.

#9 Football Betting
This is very popular and I don’t think I need to say much on this. There is a taxi driver I know who made 1.2 million naira from sports betting with 100 naira. I am not saying you will make this amount or any amount at all, just that you can start making money fast by staking money on the outcomes/results of football games on betting websites like; and

#10 Do and Sell a Whatsapp Webinar
A webinar is a seminar you host online using a video sharing website such as Youtube or Vimeo. The same can also happen on Whatsapp. You can create a seminar and record it with your phone or digital camera and then market it online to people who will value it. Whether they are in Lagos or Jos while you are in Abuja doesn’t matter, as long as they have whatsapp enabled phone you can sell your webinar to them and make money fast online in Nigeria.

Are you interested and serious about making money online in Nigeria? Then send me an email to learn how to start making online in Nigeria to:

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How to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria – A beginner’s guide

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What can I do to make money in Nigeria as a student? If you are a student in Nigeria and this is bothering you, I can relate to it since I also schooled here in Nigeria and had similar questions myself. I was able to overcome this problem during my time (I lived very fine as a student) by working part time as a chess teacher, running 2 phone call centers and selling recharge cards (way back in 2008). I will also share an example of my room mate in school who was making a lot of money as a student schooling in Nigeria.

This topic will always be an issue for many students schooling in Nigeria and it is easy to understand why. Most Nigerian students are from humble backgrounds and may have parents who are salary earners (not usually well paid) and as a result may be receiving paltry allowances from their parents or guardians. Others may be sponsoring themselves through school and won’t want to quit school because of lack of money so naturally, they would ask “how can I make money in Nigeria as a student?

An Example of a Student Who Made a lot of Money on Campus in Nigeria
This example is about my roommate during my HND days (I schooled at Yabatech) who was a millionaire (he was sponsoring himself through school and had already made it even before gaining admission to school) and also the governor of my class at the time. He had different ways of making money as a student.

First as class governor he was responsible for sourcing academic materials from lecturers and photocopying same for the entire class. But he had a clever way of making money with this. He would ask everybody to pay the normal amount for photocopying per page (which was N2.50 in 2008) but then he would negotiate with the photocopying guys to get a discount of N1 per page. For a class of 141 times let’s say 30 pages material per course per week times at least 5 out of 8 courses - because we regularly had assignments - that is at least 21,000 naira per week.

This same guy also made money on the side from printing from our shared room in the hostel at N20 per page for color and N10 per page for black and white which was the lowest amount anywhere at the time. He wasn’t paying rent, salary or electricity so he could afford to charge so low and even business center operators would come to our room to print dozens of pages at a time. His daily consumption rate at the time was 1 rim of A4 paper that is at least 10,000 naira in sales minus cost of paper rims and ink his profit would be nothing less than 6,000 naira per day at least 22 days in a month.

This article is not about him but he proved to me during my schooling days that making good money was possible as a student in Nigeria, you only need to know what to do and do it very well. But don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you will make a lot of money like he was doing but at least something that can support you through school.

4 Tips to know on How you Can Make Money in Nigeria as a Student
  • Don’t mix hustle time with school time. That means you are a student first and foremost and whatever you do to make money must not interfere with your studies, you will devote your free time at school (3 to 4 hours daily) for money making activities while keeping your study time, rest time and lecture time intact.
  • Secondly, don’t expect to make millions of naira. Any amount that can cover all your current expenses is enough, so don’t waste your time chasing big money or you will lose out from both ends.
  • You need to think deep to find opportunities. That means asking many profound questions about what you can do to make money and how you can do it very well. 
  • Think like a consumer/buyer but become a seller/producer. That is the mindset you need to start making money as a student and here is how to start.

The 6 Major Money Making Opportunities for Students in Nigeria

#1 Look for skill-based Part Time Service
There are opportunities to make money from sewing clothes i.e tailoring, photography, to making money as a freelancer with website design, graphics design etc

#2 Look for Part Time job
You can make money with a part time job (I recommend not more than 4 hours a day) such as teaching at a tutorial center or doing private home lessons, working afternoon shifts or in the evenings from 3pm till 10pm on off campus jobs (restaurants, bars)

#3 Look for a Part Time Business
Like running an evening sandwich making or Sharwarma Business on campus (6pm till 10pm), setting up a photocopying stand in school, selling stationery to fellow students, barbing fellow student hair etc (be wise while doing this, no credit no matter who it is) and many more.

#4 Serve the student population
Start selling things within the hostel that students buy or need regularly e.g pure water, internet data, recharge cards, detergents, beverages etc buy them in bulk and resell in smaller units.

#5 Working Online with side gigs
You can start a money making niche blog, writing articles and web contents for companies, work on fiverr and upwork, do data entry jobs etc

#6 Start an Affiliate Marketing Business
There are products and services you can sell online. You don’t need to own the products, just refer others to the seller and earn a commission. If you are web savvy, you can start selling online using your social media presence and or setup an SEO friendly blog to market and sell your products and services online. It will not be easy but as your online presence grows you will start making money. You can learn how to start making money with affiliate marketing with a short guide send me an email with title “affiliate marketing guide” to:

If you are serious and really want to learn how to start making money online from home in Nigeria email me: and I will send you a guide that will teach you how to find the right businesses to start from home and making money part time.

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5 Nigerian Home Businesses That Can Pay You in US dollars

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Is it possible to get paid in US dollars as a Nigerian living and working in Nigeria? It is very possible if you can create and sell your own products to an overseas market or if you can create an online business that will connect foreign buyers with sellers or help other people or companies based abroad to sell their products to their target market. Below are 5 online businesses you can start from home in Nigeria that can make this happen. But be prepared to work hard. They are very demanding and require patience before the results start coming in.

Niche Blogging
This is one of the simplest online businesses you can start and run successfully in Nigeria. It works like this. Pick a topic, write engaging posts on this topic, build your online following and start earning money from adsense or affiliate marketing or even selling your own products. I have a free report on this topic send email with title "niche blogging setup guide" to: 

I will share examples of Niche blogs that make money here in Nigeria and show you how to find profitable niche ideas to blog about. How you get paid in US dollars: It depends on how you monetize the blog. With google adsense you are paid by checks sent to you via mail or electronic funds transfer. If you are making money through product sales you can transfer money by bank withdrawal from your online wallet.

Affiliate Marketing
This is similar to niche blogging except that you don't necessarily need a blog to do affiliate marketing. With a facebook page or social media page you can build considerable influence with your online audience and refer them with links that point to your affiliate offer. If you are interested in a short guide on how to get started in affiliate marketing send me an email with this title "affiliate setup guide" to: and I will send it to you. Please use the title or else I won't know you want it. How to get paid in US dollars: receive payments by checks

Get Paid US Dollars with Ebook Sales
I have a friend who I play chess with regularly. He makes a living writing and publishing ebooks online. He specializes in non-fiction and earns over $500 a month from 3 ebooks he has published so far. Best of all he still has plans to write and publish more books which would increase his monthly take home. 

How to get paid in US dollars: receive payments by checks

Software and App Sales
You can sell software that will help people achieve their business goals online. The list of software is huge but there are software you should avoid and others that may be profitable to sell but the competition is very stiff. Examples of profitable software to sell include wordpress plugins or email funnels. You could also sell subscription services such as; web hosting, landing pages or turnkey website solutions. 

How you get paid in dollars: if you have an overseas bank account you could receive money through paypal or credit card payments. Alternatively, if you are an affiliate of software and APP vendors you could also get paid electronically via 2checkout or by check payments.

Selling Online Courses
If you have an exceptional skill, teach it online with videos or slides using a course outline. This means plenty of research and hard work at the onset but eventually you will start making money if you market your course properly. There are websites that can help out such as or your own website but you must understand digital marketing if you want to do this on your own. 

How you get paid in dollars: if you have an overseas bank account you could receive money through paypal or credit card payments.

These are very simple online/home-based businesses you can start in Nigeria and could earn US dollar payments via affiliate checks or other electronic payment systems. To learn more on how to setup an online business in Nigeria email me:

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How to Start a Blog that Makes Money in Nigeria

How to make money blogging

You welcome to my blog that teaches Nigerians living in Nigeria how to make money online from their homes. In this week’s article, I will be sharing my knowledge on how to setup a blog that really makes money in Nigeria. There are hundreds of people who think making money with a blog in Nigeria is a waste of time or that it doesn’t work, I have proven wrong with my own example – my business plan blog and my marketing blog. Today I will show you a simple 5 step process for making money with a blog from home in Nigeria.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee success for anyone who uses this method because most people fail to act or pick the right plan to achieve their goals. This is what I have done that has earned me money in the past and that is what I am sharing with you in this blog post.

The 5 Steps to Starting a Money Making Blog in Nigeria
In my humble case, these where the steps I followed;

Pick a Topic for your Blog
Before you start blogging about anything, you must first understand who you are writing for. A blog topic is supposed to identify and address a particular audience and all the topics on that blog should be related to the main idea or topic of the blog. 

Read this article to discover different types of websites that make money in Nigeria so you at least have an idea what I mean by picking a topic for your blog. There are many profitable blog topics in Nigeria. If you are interested in finding out more, send me an email:

Select A Reliable Blogging Service
The next step after finding out what you want to blog about is to pick a reliable webhosting service which will enable you key into blogging for money from home in Nigeria and that is not a simple process because there are hundreds of website services in Nigeria and the choice of which one to use can be very difficult especially if you are new to blogging or website hosting. 

But I will recommend  because I have used them for several blogs and their customer service is very good. As a beginner I will recommend shared webhosting with wordpress.

Setup and Design Your Blog
The next step after buying webhosting is to setup and design your blog. The breakdown on what to do is available with once you signup. A very good blog must have three characteristics namely; easy to navigate, mobile friendly and loads fast. Checkout this blog as a very good example of a well setup and designed blog:

It is easy for people who visit the blog to find their way around it, another characteristic feature is that you can view it conveniently on mobile devices without stress and the pages of this blog load very fast. With the wordpress setup you can easily design your blog even if you have no website design training. More details on this contact me by email:

Start building Your Audience
Once you have setup your blog, it’s now time to start building your audience. Building your audience only comes once you starting posting articles on your blog. These articles must be related to your blog’s central topic and the people you want to visit that blog are those interested in what you write about. People who visit your blog are called visitors and every visit and action taking during a visit is called web traffic. 

Some actions that can be taken by people who visit your blog is to read more than one webpage, comment on your blog post, like and share etc. There are two ways to go about attracting visitors and web traffic to your blog and these are; build it optimally for search engine users or direct visitors from social media platforms to your blog.

Monetize your Blog
The final step to making money with your blog is to now monetize it after you start receiving visitors and web traffic. There are 12 ways to monetize a blog but I will only mention 3 in this blog post. 

The first and most reliable method (because it earns more money than other methods) is to sell your own product or service. There are two types or products you can sell with a blog; a tangible product like women’s hair or an intangible product like an ebook. Also you can sell a service just as I have done making money blogging with business plan writing in the past. 

The second method I will recommend it to promote another person’s product or service and earn a commission from doing so. This is called affiliate marketing and it is a very profitable way to make money online in Nigeria. 

Finally, there is contextual adverts from companies like google which have an advertising program called adsense. I have made over 500,000 naira in 4 years from adsense revenue through my business plan blog and while this might not be a lot of money but it is passive and you can combine all these three methods.

Thanks for reading this blog post and if you want to start making money online here in Nigeria with a blog? Send me an email: or call: 0803 206 4106

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The Best 8 Types of Websites that Make Money Online in Nigeria

These are all legitimate money making sites you can use to earn cash on the internet today...
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If you want to start making money with a website in Nigeria there are scores of business opportunities you can pursue doing this but I can breakdown most of these online businesses into 12 classes of websites (but I will only share 8 today) based on their revenue/business model and the kinds of audience they relate with. Many Nigerians will readily tell you it is difficult to make money online in a legitimate way and that is mostly because most of them don’t have a clue on what to do and how to go about making money online from home in Nigeria. I will be breaking this topic down for you to read as you proceed.
Caveat: in this post I will also mention some non-Nigerian websites as examples
Before proceeding with these money making websites in Nigeria, join my mailing list to receive exclusive money making tips that readers of this blog who are not on the mailing list won’t receive. I will share tips and information on how to make money online in Nigeria or how to setup a home business.  Just send me an email to: and do remember to either fill in “newsletter” as the email topic or “home business Nigeria”. I promise not to spam your email and not to reveal it to any other person. Your email simply is added to my mailing list and you can opt out anytime you want, by replying any of my emails with: opt-out as title.

Now back to the topic “the top 8 types of websites that make money online in Nigeria” and how to identify so that if you decide to set one up you will know what to expect before setting out.

Top 8 Types of Websites that Make Money in Nigeria
If you want to start making money online today in Nigeria with a website then you will likely fall into one of these 8 categories.

#1 News/Entertainment Websites
These are websites that are designed to share news with a general audience. News can be classified as; politics, trends, lifestyle, gossip, sports, entertainment and business/financial. These websites make money mostly through advertisement and they usually require a very large number of pageviews to make money. From my experience, any news or entertainment website with less than 100,000 pageviews per day will struggle to make money online so as a result you need to have huge web traffic to succeed with this type of website. Examples of news/entertainment websites are;, ynaija, Sahara reporters, linda Ikeji’s blog, daily post and 

#2 Niche Websites
These are websites that specialize in one topic alone. The website makes money mostly through affiliate marketing or selling ebooks, targeted services and/or courses to its target audience. The main challenge with Niche websites is that they require a lot of research, hard work and patience. If you start a niche website today it would take you between 6 months and 4 years (depending on the niche) to start generating enough web traffic and not to talk about making money. So an impatient and lazy person will not likely succeed with niche websites. But once you start generating enough targeted web traffic then you will start seeing some money but like I said earlier it takes time. Examples of niche websites are; and

#3 E-commerce Website
The ecommerce website makes money by selling consumer products to online customers using advanced e-payment systems. The ecommerce website is actually a web portal (a system that enable users to login with a username and password) and transact business directly from their online accounts. The major disadvantage about ecommerce websites is that they are very expensive to setup and require a lot of back end technical skills to manage it. The people behind these are not cheap to hire plus the issue of managing inventory, logistics and supply chain and many more technical details. It is not a small operation to successfully manage. These types of websites are best suited for large scale investors because the profit margin compared to the operating cost is very low. Examples of this type of website is

#4 Media Sharing Website
These are websites that share movies, music videos and audios and other downloadable media files that users can access either for free or for a subscription fee. There are two ways media sharing websites make money which are; adverts and subscription fees. For adverts they either use adsense or other contextual advertisements or charge companies to advertise directly on their websites. Sometimes some of these media sharing websites also require paid membership and charge subscription fees. Examples of media sharing websites are;,, and Netflix.

#5 Freelance Blogs
A freelance blog is a regular blog but usually operated by a freelance professional. Most of the articles published are designed to promote the blogger’s freelance work and the audience is made up of mainly aspiring and other professional freelancers in the same niche or his/her potential clients. The articles are usually written in how to formats or they could be tutorials on different topics related to the freelancer’s field or simply the blogger sharing his work experience or offering other meaningful tips to his readers. A good example of a freelance blog is which is operated by a Nigerian freelance writer.

#6 Digital Products Marketplace Websites
A digital products marketplace website is also an online web portal that makes money by offering digital products for sale to a large number of people who want to learn something like a skill or acquire specific knowledge that will help them achieve their goals. There are designed to sell digital products like courses and ebooks but most of these products are produced by members of these websites. The members usually are experts in whatever they want to teach and sign up to become coaches, teachers or trainers. Examples of these websites include;,, and to name a few. Please do not mistake a digital products website with a media sharing website – the former deals with teaching and learning while the latter is mostly for entertainment. Also the revenue models are different. With the former you buy a course or ebook with the latter you subscribe to watch or download movies, music videos etc.

#7 Content Marketing Website
These are very similar to freelance blogs but with a slight difference. In the case of content marketing websites the audience is mostly customers who are looking for useful information to guide them in making a buying decision. Let me use a real estate content marketing website as an example. Let’s assume you are a real estate agent with vast experience in brokering real estate deals, then you may setup a website where you publish articles that teach people about ways to make money from their real estate properties or how to avoid getting scammed in real estate deals or useful laws affecting real estate ownership in a country or tips on how to buy lucrative real estate with little capital. What you are doing is educating people looking for houses to buy or invest in and with the information you provide, these people come to trust you and may eventually patronize you. Some good examples of content marketing websites are; and Hubspot.

#8 Marketplace Websites
As the name implies is a website designed to bring buyers and sellers together to transact business with the website owners operating as the middlemen. The buyers can either pay for goods directly through the website and have their funds protected by escrow payment as is the case with Aliexpress, Alibaba and Upwork or the buyers and sellers meet offline and transact business as with the case of craigslist or In the first instance, the marketplace websites enable people from different countries do formal business like buying machines, hiring a professional web developer etc over a secure payment system managed by the marketplace owners. Whereas in the second example the marketplace website simply connects two people in the same country or city to do informal business such as; buying and selling a second hand car.

These are just 8 out of 12 types of money making websites I know of and members of my newsletter can receive these and many more useful tips on making money online or even from home when they subscribe and If you want to start your journey of making money online in Nigeria today, send me an email to: 

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7 Very Profitable Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

Selling products online in Nigeria can be very profitable but it also comes with challenges such as stiff competition. In this article, we want to look at the 7 of the most profitable products you can sell online in Nigeria to serve as a guide in choosing or channeling your efforts towards making money online in Nigeria. You can actually start making money by selling these items online either through affiliate marketing or by your own ecommerce store.

Before starting out if you are new to this blog and want to receive more informative articles about making money in Nigeria then follow this blog by subscribing to our newsletter here and receiving well-researched articles twice a week on ways to make money in Nigeria. Also there is a free report on “20 ways to make money from home in Nigeria”. You can access this information for free by sending an email to: with title “free home business report”.

The 7 of The Best Products to Sell Online in Nigeria
These are the most lucrative products to sell online in Nigeria based on the profit margin and sales volume of each item. In some cases such as with cars, the volume is low but the margin on sales is high whereas for fashion items, certain products tend to have low margins but have high sales volumes. Kindly take note in case you want to venture into any of these businesses.  

Mobile Phones and Mobile Devices
One of the most profitable products to sell online in Nigeria is mobile phones (specifically smart phones) and other mobile devices such as tablets and smart watches. The profit margin on these items range from as little as 500 naira to over 20,000 depending on which device you are selling and the version or date of manufacture. The problem with these products is the stiff competition. There are so many people selling mobile phones hence lower profit margin. The key to success here is to sell a mobile device that is unique and in fairly high demand or to buy at very cheap prices from importers and resell at retail prices to customers using ecommerce or listing websites with plenty of web traffic such as; konga, Jumia and Jiji.

Mobile Phone Accessories
Mobile phone accessories are in very high demand from mobile phone users because they prolong the lifespan of their devices or add an aesthetic feel to the smart phones and tablets. The interesting thing about mobile phone accessories is that they are easy to buy from wholesale websites such as alibaba, taobao and among others. You will have to worry about shipping them to Nigeria and finding the best online shopping malls to sell them.

Airline tickets
Airline tickets are also very profitable items to sell online. The commissions from sale of airline tickets can be very hefty in some cases attracting up to 5% (imagine an airline ticket that costs 450,000 naira and you earn 5% of that amount).

Hotel Reservations
At least 8,000 people travel daily between Lagos and Abuja alone and some of these people want to stay at affordable and convenient hotels. Although this niche is highly competitive, there is still room for hotel reviews and affiliate marketers can key into this.

These products are in high demand as well. Office shoes, casual shoes both male and female are bought in hundreds of pieces daily. The most profitable shoes to sell online are men’s leather shoes because of the profit margin. Women’s designer heel shoes are also in very high demand and have high profit margin.  

Real Estate
Real estate properties especially undeveloped land can be easily marketed and sold online through free classified websites like jiji or through social media adverts. People are also looking for apartments and shops to rent and these are starting points for anyone who wants to make money online

Children’s Clothing
Buy baby shoes, clothes and dresses as an example. A large number of working class parents prefer to shop online for their children’s clothing needs through websites of popular stores like wranglers, rough and tumble and of course jumia. The volume of transactions is over 300 million naira per annum according to a market study on spending made online by Nigerian parents.

Thank you for reading this week’s article and I hope you enjoyed it. Please connect with me by email: or call: 0803 206 4106 on how to get started with an online business in Nigeria.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

How to Really Make Money Online From Home in Nigeria

In this week’s making money from home article we are answering the question – what is the most realistic way to make money online if you live in Nigeria? This is necessary because of the uncountable scams and get rich quick schemes which many fraudulent people try to sell to newbies looking for legitimate ways to make online income. We must add that what we teach on this blog is not get rich quick, but there are tried and proven methods of making money from home in Nigeria which have broken them into 5 steps for the benefit of the readers.

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The 5 Steps to Really Making Money Online in Nigeria
Although breaking it down into 5 steps seems easy, there are many challenges involved in implementing these ideas step by step but with time as you become more familiar with the various topics I treat on this blog about making money from home in Nigeria, you should be equipped enough to handle them. So here goes the 5 steps to making money online in Nigeria.

Step 1: Find a Product or Service
There are many products you can sell online in Nigeria or from home for that matter, but not every product is for everybody nor is every product worth selling. I have a report which explains how to make money selling products online in Nigeria.  You have to find the right product that meets 7 factors when it comes to making money from home in Nigeria. The first factor is demand. If the product is only wanted by very few people that means you will not make enough money on the long run. It will be a source of frustration to you instead. The second factor is accessibility. Is the product very easy for the buyer to access (buy with little stress and much ease and pay with ease)? Third factor is affordability. A product that is too expensive to buy is not going to make enough sales and thus enough money. Fourthly how unique is the product? If the product is very easy to find you won’t make much sales either so when looking for what to sell online (product or service) use these 4 out of the 7 factors as your litmus test. More details of these 7 factors via my newsletter:

Step 2: Create a Website/blog for your Product or Service
This step is perhaps the second hardest part of the journey to making money online in Nigeria. The search for a good product to sell online may take you like a week or more with thorough research but designing the right website that will convert well also takes a lot of research. However these days things are becoming easier and there are website design companies in Nigeria which offer you a ready to use website at reasonable prices. There are many types of websites you can use for online business in Nigeria, so take note of this as well.

Step 3: Build and connect with your online audience 
The people who would buy what you sell online will most likely come through organic search results (google search, google adverts, facebook adverts or instagram adverts) which are usually highly targeted and designed to reach a specific market. The drawback with this method is that is more expensive as it needs a budget. On the other hand you can build a following online through your social media accounts or with an email list and reach-out from time to time sharing useful information with them to build your profile and track record before actually trying to sell them anything. This step means build a brand around your product and service and use that brand to connect with your audience.

Step 4: Have a way to receive payments
Once you start advertising your products to your audience, you now have to come up with an effective way to receive payments. There is direct bank deposit which is still very common in Nigeria and which many people will actually prefer as their mode of payment. But there are now online payment methods such as online banking, debit card payments and e-wallet processors such as e-tranzact and quick teller. When you are ready to start receiving payments it is necessary to know which methods are best payment systems for an online business in Nigeria 2020

Step 5: Promote your product or service aggressively
Please do not mistake this step with step 3. Both of them often require online adverts but the difference is the end goal. In step 3, you are creating awareness about yourself offering great value to people who need it without actually offering them a product or service to sell but in step 5, you are now trying to make sales. If you want to learn how sell your product effectively at little costs send me an email with title “How to sell a product online in Nigeria” and you will receive a short guide on how you can convince people to buy from you. The email address is:

So thanks for reading, if you are looking for ways to make money online or from home in Nigeria you can send me an email to: with title “20 ways to make money from home in Nigeria” and I will share with you well researched ways to make money from Nigeria.

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How Can I really Make Money from Home in Nigeria?

Welcome to this week’s making money from home article. If you are new to this blog, you should know that making money from home here in Nigeria is the primary purpose. Here we (myself and team) research income making opportunities that work in Nigeria and share this information with our audience. In this article we want to summarize the process of making money from home in Nigeria to give you – the reader – a broader perspective into what it really takes to make money from home in Nigeria.

The 5 Ways to Really Make Money from Home in Nigeria
There are 5 ways to really make money in Nigeria and I have grouped them into the following;

#1 Promoting a Product for Commission
The first way to make money in Nigeria that I will recommend is to promote a product belonging to someone else and getting paid a commission in return for your efforts. There are many opportunities to do this whether you are employed as a sales agent or you work in freelance capacity for yourself connecting buyers to sellers of other people’s products. The advantage of this method is that you can start anytime with what you have and start earning in the shortest possible time (if you know what you are doing) and grow from there setting aside some income from your earnings to invest in other future projects that can also earn you more money. Two good examples of promoting products to make money in Nigeria are affiliate marketing and working as a freelance/independent sales agent.

#2 Reselling a Product for Profit
This is a more common approach to making money from home. Some people have shops attached to their homes or some even convert their verandas to shops to sell groceries and provisions to people in their residential area. There are other approaches to this. You can start selling from home also with the opportunity provided by ecommerce companies like Konga and Jumia which enable anyone to join their platforms as sellers. Another way to make money reselling a product is to buy something really cheap in one location, then move it to another place to sell at a higher price. If you can find a cheap product like palm oil or cray fish from a source location, buy it then move it to another place which has high demand and sells at a higher price for a profit. Mind you these are just examples.

#3 Provide a Service for a Fee
You can also make money by providing a service and charging a fee for it. There are many options available here for anyone willing to work hard and is focused on delivering value to a specific market. I can speak with authority in this since I have been making money with business plan writing service since 2014 to Nigerians from all walks of life through my business plan writing blog. Under this opportunity you the provider must have expertise which is in high demand or which serves a particular market. I will teach more about this very soon on how to make money in Nigeria as a freelancer. Some examples of freelance services include; home tutoring, freelance writing, martial arts training, web development, social media marketing etc

#4 Produce a Product and Sell it for Profit
You can also make money from home in Nigeria by producing a product and either selling online through an ecommerce shop or making money offline through retailers and shop owners. There is a young girl I know who started baking bread and cakes from her room and selling it to customers through supermarkets and retail shops. Another man makes plantain chips and sells it also through supermarkets and stores. You can also make shoes, wigs, baby dolls, write story books for children or even make money self-publishing an ebook. There are many opportunities you can exploit under this method.

#5 Create Something and Sell
I like to think of this as artwork or other creative ventures you can sell to a target market. It could also include services for instance a hair stylist, barber, a martial arts/self-defense instructor, a logo designer, fashion designer, even programmer. Find a unique and innovative way to serve a market in Nigeria (group of people with an unsatisfied need) by creating a service or product and then selling it to them. 

This is just a summary of different ways to make money from home in Nigeria but I will like to add that if you wish to make money realistically, you will have to work very hard, sacrifice time and effort in learning your intended business and grow once you start making money.  To learn more I have a free ebook: “50 Practical ways to start making money in Nigeria when you have no money” send me an email with title “50 Ways to Make Money from Home in Nigeria” to email: